Upcoming next week on April 7

God, Gays, and Mennos

Is the boundary defining marriage revealed in Genesis
an insulated wall of concrete and steel that cannot stretch or bend,
or might it be more like a living membrane that can expand or contract depending
upon circumstances? If the latter, how much stretching can the system tolerate
without destroying the purpose of marriage? This is the issue at hand.

Sponsored by Galilean Fellows
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Philip Friesen, a pastor ordained in the Mennonite Church will discuss his paper about the challenge of this question in the Mennonite Church. The paper looks at hermeneutics: What were Jesus’ hermeneutics and how do they apply to this question?

The paper also looks at social context: Why is there such a powerfully felt need for “homosexual marriage” uniquely at this time in history? This discussion will be of interest to anyone interested in this passion arousing topic.

When: April 7 at 6 PM

Where: Stadium Village Church 501 Oak St., Minneapolis, MN

Buy a sandwich in the neighborhood and bring it with you it you like.

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