And Who Are These Guys?


Who Are These Guys, Anyway?
Late in the first day of his resurrection Jesus traveled with two men walking to a village outside Jerusalem to whom he explained the gospel from the Old Testament; however they did not recognize him. Then after supper with them, Jesus broke bread, and in that breaking of bread, they suddenly recognized him. Who were these guys?

How would breaking bread reveal Jesus to them? The only people who would likely make the connection would have been the disciples who were with Jesus at the last supper when he previously broke bread for them, and we know these two men were not among the twelve. I suggest these men also witnessed the last supper. They could have been the waiters at the table where Jesus ate, and they were deeply impressed by what they observed. That would explain why they suddenly recognized him when he broke bread again in the same way. Jesus would not have wanted the waiters to be left out just watching the ritual. I suggest he made a special trip to Emmaus in order to include them as participants in what they previously had only been able to observe.

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