When Athiests and Muslims fully agree: One Import Thing

  THE ONE PLACE WHERE ATHEISTS AND MUSLIM FULLY AGREE When we agree with almost everything another person or group says, we might still come to blows over as little as one point, depending upon how critical that point is to our overall framework. When we disagree with almost everything another person or group says, we might still become allies in a life and death struggle against a common enemy. The...

On Physical Intimacy

On physical intimacy Proper and appropriate intimacy brings respect and mutual appreciation. Improper and inappropriate intimacy breeds contempt, as the old saying goes. The physical intimacy of sex can go either way. Perhaps the second most intimate physical relationship is that of putting a knife or bayonet into someone’s body. There is nothing good about that, but the way a person dies may still...

And Who Are These Guys?

Who Are These Guys, Anyway? Late in the first day of his resurrection Jesus traveled with two men walking to a village outside Jerusalem to whom he explained the gospel from the Old Testament; however they did not recognize him. Then after supper with them, Jesus broke bread, and in that breaking of bread, they suddenly recognized him. Who were these guys? How would breaking bread reveal Jesus to them? The...

On Climate Change

On Climate Change Nov 22, 2016 Rodger Dalman writes (Genesis in the 21st Century 2016 p 36) that Abraham arrived in Canaan at the end of a 300 year drought, a period of ecological disaster that brought the early bronze civilization to an end. The land God promised to Abraham was a barren waste and in no sense was a land of “milk and honey,” as Moses described 400 years later or had been 300...

Was the Crucifixion Really Necessary?

It’s time for Lent and Easter. It’s time to think about my  Good Friday presentation at the Islamic Center of MN on Jesus crucifixion. Here are some of my thoughts about that WHY THE CRUCIFIXION HAD TO BE   Sura 4 #157 from the Quran: Muhammad said to the Jews, you did not kill him (Jesus). In John 10: 17-18 Jesus said, No one takes it away from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have...

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